New Project: Out-of-Pocket Family Law Costs

ACE is proud to announce the launch of Out-of-Pocket, a tool that helps to put a dollar figure on the out-of-pocket costs to individuals and families during a family law dispute.

Without a sense of the costs incurred by those going through these disputes, it’s challenging for individuals, lawyers, governments and courts to understand the the impact and to improve the system. By looking at common expenses, average rates, and regional variances, the Out-of-Pocket tool helps to identify court costs, child care, and rent expenses associated with family law disputes. Users can explore common scenarios in which Canadians find themselves, and get a snapshot of the costs those scenarios may yield.

Though not intended to predict the legal costs of a specific case, the Out-of-Pocket tool provides a broad but rich picture of family law disputes cost Canadians.


Out-Of-Pocket was created by Calibrate Solutions in partnership with UVic ACE. The Law & Design CoLab volunteered to develop the user interface. Out-Of-Pocket received funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario’s Access to Justice Fund.